The Instructor for Essex Soo Bahk Do


Mr Simon Hall pictured above is the instructor for Essex Soo Bahk Do Family Karate.



Mr Hall is enhanced DBS checked and has been training for quite some time in the art of Soo Bahk Do with his son Leon and daughter Zara.

Trained under the watchful eye of Master Paul Salter from the Norfolk Soo Bahk Do Academy.


Simon and Leon both successfuly reached their Black Belt first Dan grading on the 28th Nov 2014.


Mr Hall then went on to successfully reach his 2nd Dan grading on 8th December 2018.


Mr Hall is currently training for his 3rd Dan.

Simon Hall Dan Bon number (49532).

Mr Hall has been lucky enough to train with some of the best practitoners the art of Soo Bahk Do has to offer from around the world including:- The founders son Kwan Jang Nim (Grand Master HC Hwang).


Master Paul Salter (Norfolk), Master Donggyu Lee from (Korea), Master Euisun Choi from (Korea), Master Robert Hedges from (Manchester) Master Andy Scriven (Brighton) Master Jamie Robson from (Ireland) plus many more.

Mr Hall travelled to Menorca in 2013 where he trained with and also taught students. In 2017 Mr Hall attended the Euro Soo Bahk Do Summer camp in Spain where he got to train with some of the best Soo Bahk Do practitioners from all around the world. Mr Hall is very passionate about training and the art of Soo Bahk Do and also studies the philosophy of the art which is over 2,000 years old so has plenty of history behind it.


Mr Hall is excited about teaching Soo Bahk Do in Essex and is looking forward to start passing on his knowledge to new students and help to keep the art alive. Mr Hall is also hoping this will keep a few kids off the streets, away from sitting in front of the telly or xbox etc and may even help save a life one day.

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