Essex Soo Bahk Do Club Rules

Essex Soo Bahk Do club training is based largely on the development of character, discipline and respect. Observing etiquette is a fundamental expression of the respect that is expected to be given to the instructor and your fellow students. With this in mind, the points of etiquette and rules outlined below should be adhered to at all times when training at Essex Soo Bahk Do Karate Club. Failure to adhere to the rules could result in suspension from the club.


1. On entering or leaving the Do Jang. You must pause at the entrance, face the flags and salute by holding your right hand open across your chest with your palm facing the heart and then bow facing the flags. This demonstrates respect for our country, our style, each other, our training and the country that produced the development of our style. This should be done on entering and leaving the Do Jang at all times.


2. Address your instructor as “Sir” at all times when you are in the Do Jang.


3. At all times students must respect each other and obey the instructor and other higher ranking grades, also maintaining respect for the Do Jang.


4. No laughing or mocking any other students at any time whatsoever. Everyone has different levels of ability and we are all training together as a family club to improve ourselves the best we possibly can. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.


5. Always line up quickly and in grade order.


6. No Chewing gum or sweets of any kind during class, this is a safety precaution.


7. Any student arriving late for class must follow the following protocol. Quietly enter the Do Jang and stand by the door. First salute in the direction of the flags as you normally would then remain at an attention position by the door until you are recognised by the instructor. After recognition from the instructor bow to the instructor and walk behind the other members of the class to assume your appropriate position in the class.


8. During class no one is to leave the class without first obtaining permission from the instructor.


9. Keep fingers and toe nails clean and short to prevent injury to other students when practising together.


10. Long hair must always be tied back.


11. Personal hygiene must be of an acceptable standard to ensure a pleasant training environment for all members.


12. Keep your Do Bok (karate suit) clean, smart and in good repair. Girls may wear a plain white top if they want under their jacket with no buttons, collar, zips or fastenings for safety reasons.


13. Remove all jewellery\fit bits and watches before training.


14 You may ask a question during training if you wish by raising your hand and waiting to be recognised by the instructor.


15. Turn your back towards the flags if you need to adjust your Do Bok or tie your belt at any time once the class has started.


16. You must not swear or use offensive language whilst in the Do Jang.


17. Members must not use their skills in any offensive way outside the Do Jang. Everything learnt is for self-defence or life or death situations only.


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